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Kangaroo Minds is dedicated to spreading awareness, knowledge and encouraging conversations about Mental Health while helping individuals find their inner balance through promoting mindfulness, emotional wellness and overall well-being.

Kangaroo Minds seeks to be a trusted provider of solutions for individuals seeking help or guidance in understanding Mental Health, managing their emotional well-being and life goals through integrated solutions both online and offline through our training programs, workshops, life coaching sessions and other initiatives.

Our efforts to promote, spread awareness and educate individuals about Mental Health and well-being is also in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal #3


Our approach involves:

  • Using EDUCATION to spread awareness about key issues around Mental Health and Well-being to spread knowledge and remove the stigma.

  • Enhancing ENGAGEMENT with key stakeholders and decision makers in the domain of Mental Health and Well-being.

  • Striving to EMPOWER individuals with the knowledge and skills to help themselves and others. 

  • Acting as a catalyst for change in the overall ECOSYSTEM around Mental Health and Well-being. 

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