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With a dedicated focus on spreading awareness and knowledge about Mental Health and well-being while supporting individuals find their inner balance, we have the following initiatives. To know more, please contact us

Mental Health Ambassadors

This program is designed to help adults better understand their Mental Health and that of others around them and to equip them with skills needed in times of crisis.

The Art of Effective Communication

This program is designed to help adults to learn to communicate more effectively and with empathy within the context of Mental Health.

School of Life

An array of workshops for students in schools and colleges in the domain of Mental Health, Well-being and life skills to help enhance their Social-Emotional Learning.

Putting ME First

1-to-1 Life Coaching to help individuals plan and achieve their goals, manage their emotional health and to navigate their stresses. 

The Art of Active Listening

This program is designed to help adults to build on the skills of active listening and questioning within the context of Mental Health.

Well-being Warriors

This program is designed to help children and young adults better understand their emotions and well-being and that of those around.

Suicide Gatekeepers

This program has been designed to help adults recognise the signs of suicide and know what to do in case of a crisis to try and prevent suicide.

The Art of Mindfulness

This program is designed to equip adults with various techniques of mindfulness to help them and others to better manage their Mental Health.

Here to Hear

A series of conversations with Mental Health professionals and experts and  regular conversations on Social Media to spread awareness on the cause. 

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